Case Studies

To give you a better sense of our approach, below are some examples of what we’ve accomplished with the owner-managers we have partnered with. The examples include some past private investments as well as public companies we are currently invested in. Note that we do not publicly discuss our current private investments for confidentiality reasons.

Blue Buffalo

Partnering with a mission-driven, entrepreneurial team to build the leading Wholesome Natural pet food brand.

Blue Mercury

Helping an entrepreneurial team build the United States’ leading high-end retailer of prestige beauty products.

Weight Watchers

Recognizing the value of a unique business model and building upon the 40+ year heritage of the world’s leading brand in the growing weight management industry.

Creating one of the top internet subscription businesses that is both high-growth and profitable while staying true to the values of the brand.


Turning around a money losing business widely viewed as likely to go out of business and transforming it into a strong number two player against the dominant player in the cookies and crackers industry.


Transforming a flat-line, low-margin commodity bakery business into a high-growth, high-margin, branded consumer product business.

Provalliance Franck Provost

Building the leading hair dresser chain in Europe by consolidating a highly fragmented industry.

Avantec Vascular

Helping a small, innovative team launch a profitable, best-in class medical device company using a fraction of the R&D budget spent by large companies.


Transforming a strong regional player in healthcare services into the leading national player with strong competitive advantage and long-term growth prospects.

The Grow Network

Working with an entrepreneurial team that had unique know how and technology platform to create a new niche in the education industry.